Droga5: Holiday Calling Service

Like every good agency, everyone at Droga5 left for the holidays. So we left this answering service in charge for a few days.

It was complete with 45 special holiday messages—including a holiday greeting from David Droga, a holiday greeting from Ted Royer impersonating David Droga, and 5 holiday songs played on the didgeridoo. And while the service is currently down for the non-Holidays, everything can still be heard right here.

List One highlight: 6 - A Dramatic Reading Of A Common Droga5 All Agency Email

List Two highlight: 6 - Press 6 to Press 6

List Three highlight: 9 - The Sounds Of Receiving A Holiday Fax From Droga5

List Four highlight: 7 - "Jingle Bells" Played On The Didgeridoo

List Five highlight: 4 - Someone On The Roof Arising Such A Clatter

Featured on ADWEEK

Agency: Droga5
CDs: Tara Lawall and Devon Hong
DD: Rich Greco
AD: Sean Park
CW: Nicholas Bauman
JR AD: Brittain McNeel
JR CW: Madeleine Trebenski