T-Mobile: Get Thanked

T-Mobile Tuesdays is an app that gives T-Mobile customers free stuff every Tuesday.
So we created a 360-campaign that told everyone to get the app and Get Thanked with free stuff.

And because you could only get thanked on Tuesdays for 24-hours, we used Snapchat, a medium just as fleeting as that free stuff.

We started by creating the first-ever Snap Chat Show, hosted by the most thankful celebrity on Snachat: DJ KHALED #blessup


#GetThanked Ep. 1: Wendy's Frosty
DJ Khaled shares a dessert with a competitive eater.

#GetThanked Ep. 2: VUDU Download
Khaled talks hollywood with a 93-year-old veteran actor.


#GetThanked Ep. 3: Vegas Getaway
Khaled gets to see some magic from a real Vegas magician.


#GetThanked Ep. 4: Gilt Shopping Spree
Khaled trades fashion tips with a personal stylist.

(Coming Soon)




Time's square takeover


DJ KHALED's Advice to kay


Agency: Droga5
ECD: Neil Heymann
GCD: Andrew Fergusson
SR AD: Sean Park
SR CW: Nicholas Bauman
AD: Kay Kim
CW: Abe Chuang