Tree home

Anyone can build a treehouse, but we built a tree home. Sometimes I build things—like blanket forts, snow ramps for sleds, and even relationships.
Here's a treehouse I designed and built with the help of my Dad, my brother, and a few friends who I still owe favors to. I probably owe them money, too.
Or at least a heartfelt Thank You.

As you would suspect, we started with some wood (by which I mean paper, for planning).

When things were set, we got some thicker paper (by which I mean wood, for building).

Then we framed it all up.

Put in some nice hardwood floors.

Put a tiny home, complete with a door, on top of it all.

Then we completed the wrap-around deck and found a roof, ladder, and a pulley basket.

At the end of the day, they liked it too much. Because they asked us to move it to their new house for them. 
Of course we obliged, but had to make a few small changes because they didn't have the same tree formation.
And by that I mean they only had one tree in their new yard. So we dug holes and put up fake trees (wooden posts).

As far as I know, this is where it still stands today.